“I Became a Warrior at 5yrs Old”: Miss Tina Talks Life’s Lessons + Overcoming Hardships



It’s super inspiring to hear a good rags-to-riches story, especially one that involves mother of pop singer, Queen Bey.  Miss Tina Knowles recently shared her life’s story at the Women + Money International Luncheon. Tina begins the speech reminiscing on her younger years of being slanted by the nuns at her Catholic school. “At that moment, I refused to let them take my spirit. I became a warrior…I had to learn to fight for myself”.

Tina recognized that this experience gave her the tools and the gifts need to prepare her for who she is today. God used her mistakes, low points + set backs as a way to give her the strength, courage + motivation to move forward. Miss Tina says, “there was always turmoil, there was always something that caused me to have to change and do what I needed to do”.

ASM likes to label these experiences as “Wake Up Calls”. Listen to Tina share how these wake up calls, especially with her former husband, her career + the need to take care of herself,  molded her life + gave it new meaning.

Wake Up Call: How did God connect the dots in your past to contribute to your success today?

OVERLY Sexual to Sell: When is it Too Much?



Paper Magazine recently released it’s winter issue with Mrs. Kim K. West on the cover bearing ALL of her booty. As tastefully captured as it could possibly be, it still raises the question…why?

With the increased awareness of feminism and the movement to enlighten young girls that they can use their brains, not their bodies to be successful… why do we, as a culture, continue to agree with bearing all? There is nothing wrong with being nude or embracing the beauty of your body, but, in this instance, are we celebrating our bodies or what our bodies may represent?

An informative video about the sexualization of women in media explains that in our society, “In order for a woman to be attractive, she must be sexy”. Take a look as to how this belief is influenced and WHO influences it.


But is sex the only way to sell or is it the only way we know?

Wake Up Call: Notice the amount of sexual images in your world today. How does it affect you?

Why it’s Best to ‘Do Nothing’ When There is ‘Nothing to Do’.


How many times have you felt that your “hands are tied” in a certain situation? Or have you been helpless? Stuck?


What usually happens in those times are moments of anxiety, stress and an overwhelming influx of emotion which limits the capacity to gain any new information on what to do next. Instead of forcing a solution or making REactive decisions (which is opposite of PROactive decision-making that empowers you), take the time to press PAUSE. Give at least 5 minutes to yourself to get away from the stressors in life. So if it’s work, leave the office. If it’s home, get in the car. Wherever the NOISE is coming from, RUN AWAY! Find a place that is quiet and relaxing.

After finding a stress-free spot, sit and DO NOTHING but breathe. Take a nice inhale and exhale, knowing that you are alive and well. After all, how bad can life be if you’re still living it? Breath is the life force that connects you to God, creative energy and the Universe…so take it all in. The more you breathe, the more you can open yourself up to the possibilities of a new feeling and perspective.


“Every emotion is connected with the breath. If you change the breath, change the rhythm, you can change the emotion”. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


The next time you’re feeling pressure, notice your breath. Are you breathing or are you gripping so tight that the air is not allowing your brain to think clearly? Try to slow down, relax and breathe…something always comes from nothing.


This interview with Russell Simmons highlights the importance of stillness in a busy world. Enjoy!